01.09.2016 From today Sport just for Fun

Every farewell is difficult. Saying ?Good Bye? at the place of my greatest success in Berlin Olympic Stadion (ISTAF 20016) will be a great feeling and builds a nice frame of my career. Nostalgic swings course for unforgettable moments and people in training and competition. I thank you! All these experiences victories and defeats have shaped me. One or two injuries in the last three years less would have been good. Another reason why I am... read on …

Latest since September, I am amateur athletes. Upcoming sporting challenges are first in karting, tennis, golf and kite surfing.

02.07.2016 My last stand...

will be take part on Sunday 10/7/2016 at 14:30 in Mommsenstadion in Berlin. It is my Mission Impossible. The Olympic standard for Rio is 16,85m. My seasonal best of the German Championships (4th place with 16.37 m), I have to increase by 48cm. I am top fit and motivated! read on …

At the end of the season I will change the arena. I have got a master degree in energy economics, that will be my new challange. After 13 years of high-performance training I look back on many moments of happiness are as setbacks. These two sides of the coin among make athletes life so exiting. I am very grateful for both experiences!

I've be working with so many different characters and learned invaluable lot for the sport and my life. At this point I would like to thank all my fans, sponsors, training partners, coaches, physios, doctors, educational institutions, students, friends and family! My hope is that I act as a role model through my attitude towards life.

The planning for the future life is in full swing. I will not turn Athletics my back completely! 


28.02.2016 Reflection

The interim result after my first few months as a triple jumper may not be particularly positive. In October, the training has started well, then followed nearly seven weeks forced break after a tendon injury in the hamstrings. A few weeks later in mid-January, the Achilles tendon was irritated .... To measure the starting position for the summer, I decided to start quite unprepared at German Indoor Championships in Leipzig. 15,63m meet the... read on …

16,65m is the qualification standard for Amsterdam (European Championships). That is the goal number One in the summer! I dare not to hink of the Olympics



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